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Information for Banks That Received Stop Payment Demand Letters in the Rex Venture Group Receivership

July 22, 2013

Erwin, Capitano & Moss Represents Kenneth Bell, Receiver for Rex Venture Group d/b/a

On July 22, 2013, ECM sent more than 700 letters to banks and credit unions that Receivership records indicate stopped payment on cashier’s checks, official checks and bank money orders payable to Rex Venture Group.  To make payments to the Receivership, please mail a check to the address indicated in the letter or contact us to make other arrangements.

If the letter references items that your records indicate were personal checks or personal money orders, please send by email an image of the item(s) in question.  If you refunded your customer for a cashier’s check or official check pursuant to a declaration of loss submitted under UCC 3-312, and the check was not presented for payment by the Receivership within 90 days of its issue date, please send by email a copy of the declaration of loss, a copy of the check, and contact information for the remitter.  If the letter references items that your records indicate were paid to the Receivership, please email us with information on the date the item was paid and an image of the item showing payment. 

To contact us about this matter, please use the email address or leave a voice mail at (704) 716-1210.  All phone calls and emails will be returned as quickly as possible, though because of volume, response may not be immediate.

If you email or call, please reference the (0 to 3 digits) number shown in the footer on the first page of the letter next to your bank name.

Information about the receivership generally is available at